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(100) Paperback Copies +FREE (25) SIGNED COPIES

(100) Paperback Copies +FREE (25) SIGNED COPIES


(100) paperback copies and (25) FREE signed and personalized paperback copies of My Drug Dealer Brought Me To God.


25% of gross profits go to nonprofits who's mission support inclusion and recovery in the LGBTQ+ community.


Release date: September 28, 2021. 


Shipping included 


    How My Story Helps People

    Storytelling has been known to have significant impacts on not only the one sharing their story, but it also breaks down barriers and creates a vast amount of connection. My intense hope is that through my story others will be able to find connections within the recovery, spirituality, and LGBTQ+ communities. Ultimately, leading to them sharing their stories. As my drug dealer shared her story with me, she had no idea the impact she would make within my life in that moment. We all have a story and that story has the potential to ripple out and help other people. These ripples make this world so much more connected and a much smaller (and more beautiful) place.


    No refunds or returns available for this product. 


    Shipping within contential US included with purchase and will be sent standard USPS ground from the Cincinnati, Ohio area no later than 10-businness days after purchased (for quantities of 10 or more please allow a possible additional 5-10 business days for shipments to be fulfilled). 

    Addional costs may be incurred if shipping outside of the continental US or internationally. Please contact me for additional shipping info. 

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