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Wrestling Reality 

By Ryan Clark

A rare glimpse not only into the life of a professional wrestler, but the life of a gay man in a straight world, this tragic memoir is told in Chris Kanyon’s own words, with the help of journalist Ryan Clark. One of the most popular wrestlers of the late 1990s, Kanyon kept his personal life private from his fans until finally revealing his biggest secret in 2004: he was gay. Going through the various roles that Kanyon played, both in the ring and out of it, as well as his battle with manic depression, this book explores the factors that led to his suicide in 2010. In his voice and the way he wanted it told, these are Kanyon’s last words about his experience rising through the ranks to the top of the professional wrestling world while keeping his sexuality hidden.


Trials to Triathlon

By Mark Turnipseed

Mark is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and was raised by two loving parents, Ben and Cheral. He enjoys being the youngest of four siblings. 

In 2003 Mark moved to Montana to finish high school at his first rehabilitation program due to having troubles in school and social life in Atlanta. Upon graduation he moved back south to study Psychology at Lee University in 2006. Mark transferred back out to the big sky state in 2008 and graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Psychology in 2011. 

Following college, Mark pursued a research oriented life in Missoula, Montana while he chased his dream to obtain his Ph.D in Psychology. A heroin addiction caught Mark in his footsteps and this thwarted his ability to continue towards the Ph.D. When he was blessed with his first son he moved from Missoula to distance himself from his opiate and party lifestyle. Mark remained on suboxone opiate maintenance therapy for a year until he began struggling with prescription anxiety medications and alcohol.

The years following 2013 Mark has been struggling to battle his alcohol and pill addiction. In 2016, Mark relapsed with opiates while on anxiety medications and alcohol and eventually had a near death experience. After this, Mark checked himself into an intensive inpatient rehab in Minnesota, where he found relief from opiate addiction once again. 

Mark joined a sober living community in Loveland, Colorado, but refused to work on areas of his life that caused difficulties. When he had an HIV scare he began using medical marijuana and within two weeks began using anxiety medications again. He was asked to leave the sober living community so he moved back to Whitefish, Montana. 

In Whitefish, Montana Mark has enjoyed being a raft guide, a mental health counselor, an outdoor enthusiasts in skiing, biking and hiking; while suffering from extreme alcoholism. In 2017, Mark had a severe concussion while skiing. Because he could not remember events or make clear sentences he decided to drink his brain to destruction and join disability. Instead, his cousin came out on a random trip and invited him to an AA meeting. During this, Mark realized it may be possible to change.

Since April of 2017 Mark has worked hard on recovery and it has paid off. He has opened a foundation to support youth sobriety programs through triathlon training and has named it tri-4-youthsobriety. He has now competed in triathlons and continues his journey towards the Iron Man.


I Almost Became Me

By Cory Calvin

I always knew in my gut that I wanted to be free to live the life that I had always dreamed of living. But for some reason I got caught up in what society wanted me to be. In what made the most money. In what had the most attractive job title. But none of these things ultimately would make me happy.

Born and raised in Montpelier, Ohio, a small town in rural northwest Ohio, I struggled to find my place in the world. To realize who I was. After attending Ball State University, I landed a job on Wall Street in New York City and began working in Midtown Manhattan on September 10, 2001. Little did anyone know the events that would take place the next day and would change our lives forever. Seeing the smoke in the sky and ashes on people as they walked home that day with my own eyeballs was a somber introduction to the “real world”.

I’ve walked with penguins in Antarctica. Climbed an erupting volcano in Vanuatu. Experienced my first earthquake in the Solomon Islands. Swam with sharks and into shipwrecks in the Philippines. Stood at Mount Everest base camp in Tibet. Traveled through Vietnam on a motorbike. Saw the northern lights in Iceland. Check out my journeys on my blog

And along the way I have realized my passion. My goal is to live a location independent lifestyle and inspire others around the world. In fact, it is my mission to inspire one million people between the ages of 40 and 50. I just turned 40 so I have just begun this incredible journey. And I hope I can inspire you along the way. If I have inspired you in some way, be sure to click the button on the main homepage to ensure you are counted amount the one million inspired people.

During my travels I began writing my first book, “I Almost Became Me”and have recently published it. I also created a transformational travel company, Pivot Trip ( 


Standing in Your Own Power

By Cathy Goulet

Cathy Goulet has over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, author, life coach and speaker. She has spent more than 12 years developing her signature approaches of empowering women to stand in their own power and helping couples build their best relationship. Her new book series called, “Standing in Your Own Power” makes it’s public debut in January of 2020 the first book which focuses on standing in your own power in your love relationship is being published just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Cathy’s passion is to empower, awaken and ignite souls and help people reclaim their own life. She specializes in empowering women and couples to reach their full potential. She is currently doing individual sessions, seminars and retreats online and all over the world. If you are interested in hosting her in your hometown or would like to do individual or couples work with her please contact her using the form below, email her at or feel free to call her at 859-907-2939.

Check back soon for additional pages and features, as well as access to her video series, downloadable workbooks, video classes, monthly vlogs and blogs, and other products and resources.


The Ultimate Risk

By Tara L. Robinson

Your life is your adventure-and you are its main character and hero. You need only open your eyes to the clues that are right in front of you. At the very core of your existence, there is a primal energy force that craves the answers these universal clues hold . . . nudging you forward, gnawing at you when you fail to act. Each day becomes a gamble-taken with your life-where everything is at stake. By opening The Ultimate Risk , you'll begin a quest to uncover the secrets to living with passion, realizing your purpose, and creating a life brimming with meaning and enchantment at every turn. In her mesmerizing debut book, Tara L. Robinson presents seven hidden mysteries-from t he power of intention to living backward in time to the Void -that will help you awaken to who you really are and tap into greater happiness than you've ever known. Immersing you in a fictional adventure story with you at the helm, she'll launch you on a captivating journey where you'll learn to use your natural spiritual abilities to build a life that you love. As you unlock the stunning power of each deepening mystery, Tara will share illuminating examples and practical ways to integrate their principles into your daily experience. You have more power than you ever imagined . . . and this book will guide you to harness it once and for all and truly live a life without regret.

The Trauma Guru

Founded by Cayce Brewer 

The Mission of Trauma Guru is to be a hub for trauma-informed care resources to destigmatize mental health and create impact across the globe.


The Focus is to bring awareness to the mental health treatment gap in the military, veteran, first responder, and civilian populations suffering from trauma exposure.



Overall, I describe myself as an imperfectly courageous human who loves God. I am made up of many unique parts and I am on a mission to encourage others to embrace their own uniqueness. 

I have been practicing for a little over seven years. I have experience working at an inpatient hospital, private practice, and in community mental health where I have had sessions with people in their homes, in a clinic setting, and now through Telehealth.

I am multicultural competent and trauma-informed. I have a strong ethical code that I abide by through the ACA and AAMFT code of ethics.. 


I have training at the basic and advanced levels of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) under the training and mentorship of Dr. E.C. Hurley.  I have been trained in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) and I have been trained as a facilitator in PREPARE/ENRICH which enables me to provide premarital counseling.  I also utilize Adlerian, internal family systems (IFS), structural family therapy, and emotionally focused therapy (EFT) as treatment approaches. 


But most of all, every client that I have worked with has taught me more about what it is like being in their world of trauma than anything else or anyone else ever could.  

I have extensive training and experience in addressing trauma-related disorders among military personnel, veterans, first responders, children, adolescents, and adults abused as children. 


Specifically, complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD), combat trauma, dissociative disorders, developmental trauma, traumatic grief and loss, shame, guilt, Moral Injury, military sexual trauma (MST), traumatic brain injury (TBI), sexual issues, and religious/spiritual abuse.


I also have a wide range of experience in working with premarital couples, marital crisis, and family distress.


LGBTQ+ Therapy 

Whayne Herriford, MS, LPCC-S

Meeting with a counselor does not mean that you have a problem or something is wrong.  Counseling offers people an opportunity to talk about things in a safe and confidential setting with someone who is trained to listen and give you feedback when it's requested or appropriate.  Some reasons people seek counseling may include a personal concern in their life, difficulties in a relationship or the need to understand a life event.

​My approach to counseling is to make it client-centered, allowing the client to determine topics, direction and intensity of any conversations that we have.  It is never my role to evaluate or judge and I am always open to sharing insights or feedback when asked.  I will use my experience and training to develop and maintain a setting that is safe, engaging and productive.

In the Northern Kentucky area, there are also few resources for GLBT people to participated in structured therapeutic activities.  And though I believe that anyone -- regardless of their own sexual orientation -- can provide support to GLBT people I also believe that my experience as a gay man gives me a unique perspective that also allows me to help GLBT people who need someone who can understand and accept them in a non-judgmental way.


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