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Ryan focuses his coaching on: Nonprofit and business start up and development, spiritual guidance/healing, transformational (and spiritual transformational) coaching, and addiction/recovery-based coaching, Ryan also has almost a decade of experience in practicing and teaching meditation and breath-work. Additionally, Ryan has been teaching self-worth and self-esteem, how to start loving yourself, alternative styles to conflict resolution, and how to build and create relationships/communication for over half a decade through formal and informal life coaching.

Transformational coaching


Feeling stuck? Feeling yuck? Let me help you move past your comfort zone into the growth zone.


$100/ hour

$130/ 90-min


Business/ Nonprofit startup coaching


You bring the passion and let me help with the navigating the logistics of living your dream life! 


$100/ hour

$130/ 90-min


Spiritual coaching


Let me meet you where you're at on you spiritual journey. I'll help you heal from past spiritual or religious wounding.


$100/ hour

$130/ 90-min



187 Pavilion Parkway #244

Newport, KY 41071

Tel: 859.935.2764



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